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Judy H.

"I have been in the spiritualist field for many years and had mediumship sessions over the years. I found Reverend Michelle to be professional, comprehensive and caring. She began by explaining how she works and the various ways she receives information. Since each practitioner varies in their methods, this is always helpful to explain, so as to meet expectations. From there she meditated and then began my reading and connections. She was so accurate and so deep in the messaging that it was clear to me that it was what information I needed to hear to heal myself at this time."

Kim Smith

"Michelle did an amazing job with both a psychic and mediumship reading for myself and my mother. We were fortunate to be able to visit Michelle in person and she immediately connected to the spirit world and named names of three loved ones that were waiting to communicate with us. It was truly one of the most incredible experiences we've ever had. Michelle absolutely has a gift and shared specific information that was helpful, accurate and actually life changing. Mom and I were thrilled to learn there really is an afterlife and the loved ones who came through are our angels helping us through our lives. We wholeheartedly recommend Michelle if you are looking for a legitimate, kind and sensitive psychic reading!"

Crystal Slotnick

"Thank you for the right on reading. I could feel as you were finishing, my little angel beings guidance jumping up and down, and saying yeah!!! she got some help with hearing us! Many thanks."

Crystal Slotnick

"Thank you for the right on reading. I could feel as you were finishing, my little angel beings guidance jumping up and down, and saying yeah!!! she got some help with hearing us! Many thanks."

Melissa Lagana

"There just aren’t enough words to express how incredibly pleasant Reverend Michelle is and how unbelievably on point her reading was. She doesn’t not ask any questions, which completely authenticates the mediumship aspect of my reading. There is absolutely NO. Way that she, or anyone could have known what was mentioned when my grandmother came through…she truly has a gift. In terms of the psychic component, again, without asking any personal questions, Michelle was able to piece together a time line that is aligned with what is currently happening in my professional life. Again, something that she couldn’t know unless I told her. She has such a beautiful way of explaining things and she just exudes positive vibes. Within two hours, my mother made an appointment with her and I am already planning my next one. If you are looking for an answer, reassurance, advice, guidance or maybe to hear from a loved one who has passed…then, Michelle is definitely worth every penny! You will walk away feeling an incredible sense of relief, I promise!"

Taylor Kalter

"Michelle helped me connect with both my Father and Grandfather who had recently passed on. I was grieving tremendously and holding onto sadness. Being able to connect with them has helped me so much to know they are okay and that I am going to be okay. The details she disclosed were SPOT on...down to dates and significance. She is not only the real deal, but extremely warm and welcoming. I have done a couple sessions and I plan doing more in the future!"


"Michelle is at the top of my list for readings and spiritual work. This was my 3 reading, I believe with Michelle and she helped me so . . . much. She’s able to read things at a level where many cannot even get to and I thank her so much for her gifts and how she was able to help me and I know she can help you too.


"Michelle Love shares a true and genuine gift; a session with her transformed me in in guidance and communication that was beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Michelle for either spiritual guidance, or mediumship; Her sessions provided a sense of peace and understanding. Life-changing!"

M Alfano -Health Care Executive

"A friend referred me to Rev. Michelle Love in January 2017 after my husband passed away suddenly with no warning from a heart attack. My friend had seen Michelle and knew she could help me in my grief. So many unanswered questions, no goodbye. There one minute gone the next. I needed comfort, I wanted answers but most of all I need to know he was ok. I was only a tiny bit familiar with Mediums. True Mediums are not the things you see on TV or in movies. They are deeply spiritual and believe in God, whatever we as individuals might call God. Yet I was still skeptical, until I met Michelle, I never realized how professional, ethical and deeply spiritual a Medium could be.  

I flew to Naples to meet with her, she never heard of me, had no idea how I came to know her but the hour I would spend with her would not only bring me comfort but would help me to find a path forward.  

Within the first 5 minutes, I felt a connection, she was warm and explained her process, if she can’t connect to my satisfaction or if I wanted to stop within the first 10 minutes-no charge. She also spelled out her ethics about not seeking clients to come more often than once a year for a medium reading. All real and personal. She is not about seeing clients repeatedly for money.

Michelle is an evidential Medium, she connects with the Spirit and provides evidence from the Spirit so that the client can identify the Spirit’s identity. She acts as the intermediate for the Spirit to the client. Things she shared with me could only have come from my husband, things only the two of us knew. Not only did she provide details about his passing but specifics about us. While nothing can take the grief away, getting some answers to the how and knowing that he was still there for me, made my acceptance easier.

I trust her and respect her ability and her reason for doing this work. Once you meet her you know you have met the real deal. She is warm and compassionate, professional and knowledgeable. She does this because it is her calling and her gift.

She offers many services and classes, that have helped me to find a path forward to understanding my own life and purpose. Once you meet her you will realize why trust in her is well placed. 

Grateful to Michelle Love,"

Heidi S.

"Haven't had a session in years with Michelle, but will be seeing her in Naples next month. Michelle is beyond amazing. She has helped my family speak to our love ones who have passed."

Mary Jean W

"My first experience having a reading from a Medium was with Michelle Love. It was amazing!! She asked me if the name Louis, Louise or Lou. meant anything to me. I said yes my father's name is Louis and his family called him Lou. Then she said "I am being shown a spiral staircase, coins, and a key, but it is not an ordinary key". Does this mean anything to you. I said yes it does. I fell down a spiral staircase and broke my ankle and my father picked me up and took me to the hospital. The coins have several meanings. My father was in charge of the Sunday collection at church so he was always dealing with coins and when he died he left each of my three brothers some coins that he had collected over the years. The key was a mystery. Many years later my mother met Michelle and Michelle asked her about what was on her necklace. My mother said " It is my husband's law key" . So after all those years trying to figure out what the significance of the key was it turned out to be hanging around my mothers neck in a tribute to my father. All I can say it was a wonderful way to validate that my father is still with me every day.. Thank you Michelle Love."

Chris D

"Dear Michelle,
I am eternally grateful for the medium sessions we had. I am an adopted adult, who started searching for information about my ancestry and birth mom when I turned 18. I was born in a "still closed" state, New Jersey. And when a cancer diagnosis involving surgery presented itself a few years back, I dramatically increased my efforts to find my medical history.
And, in April, 2010, I received a call from Catholic Charities that they had located my birth mom.
Unfortunately, they were 7 months too late. My birth mom died September 2009.
At that point, heartbroken that I would never meet her, I took solace in thinking at least I'll finally have answers.
NOT true if one is born in NJ. Even after the birth mom passes, the medical information, identifying I formation, is still under lock and key Through listening to my inner voice, accessing psychics, social workers with bits of information they provided me over the years, I was able to put together many puzzle pieces.
After her death, By piecing things together, including a blanked out obituary notice from Catholic Charities, I went into the Social Security death index website.
At that point with a first and middle name, a death date, and knowledge of where I was born, I was able to get a name, a place, and eventually I met my half siblings and my birth mom's husband! No one knew who my birth father was and I realized my search was still not over. I needed to know more and have full closure.
This is how I came to find you. Walking through a spiritual store in Bar Harbor, I saw a flyer: Michelle Love, medium and psychic. You provided the missing pieces and gave me the peace and closure I had been searching for! Through hearing from my mom, grandmother, and eventually my birth father, everything came together for me.
I felt a connection and a relationship that was not possible without your talents, love and support. I hope that other adopted individuals find their way to you as well.
I feel complete, and at peace with an understanding of why things happened the way that they did.
And an extra gift was that I was able to bring my birth mom peace and closure after a lifetime of sadness and regret.

Blessings to you for the work you do!!"


"You have no reason to remember me … please know that I have many reasons to think of You,as I have … many times … with gratitude.

Maybe more than a year ago, I was in a group with “The Twin Sisters”. It was so much fun …and very profound … healing. 

They kept calling out the name “John”… my Mothers’ brother … who had much to share with me. Indeed … YOU … in a private reading, helped me heal many things … especially a message from “Rose” … a puzzle, until I realized it was my mother in law (who was not THAT fond of me) … my father in law used to play the piano and sing “Ruby, Ruby … Ruby, my Darling red ROSE”!

So … I have not forgotten YOU! At All!

What You have no way of knowing … is that my Beloved Husband left this life at the end of August. He was beautiful and wonderful and fun … making everyone smile … until his last few hours. It all happened within 3 weeks … at the end … the Doc @ NCH North told me that “He would not survive” and helped me get Him to Avow Hospice … for a just few moments before He passed on. I am very greatful that he was there … in a quiet, softly lighted room … no machines … holding my hand … I kept kissing and kissing Him … and telling Him that He was Safe and OK and SO Loved … I Just wanted Him to Smile, and squeeze my hand and kiss me back … Just One Time More … but He was in transition and all I could do was to be there and to pray for Him. It was HIS CHOICE to leave this life at that moment. Though He was 91…He was Magnificent!

In retrospect … he was failing during the last year of his life … I was, we were, in denial. He LOVED being 90 … 91, Not so much. He was very proud and did not want to be the “pitiful old guy with the walker”. He Just … Was Tired of being Brave and Strong.

Our families, His children & mine … and our Glorious Grandchildren, pulled together … and created an AWESOME Celebration of Life … including a Military Honor Guard Flag Ceremony.

It was So Beautiful that Many people said they “Felt Up Lifted … Happier as they left, than they did upon arrival” … a real tribute to the character of that Very Special Man! And of everyones’ love and admiration for Him.

SO … I am, we are, a few months into “The BEAUTY of GRIEVING”.  The Missing … is the most painful part … but, I am, we are, OK.  Mostly. 

Family and friends continue to be supportive … and respectful of the time it is taking each of us to regain our balance.

Thank You … for being a Light in My Life … I send You much love and best wishes …"

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