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Reverend Michelle Love


Reverend Michelle Love is an experienced Evidential Medium and Psychic practicing for more than 25 years. She is the owner and founder of Light The Way, a center for Spiritual Studies in Naples, FL. As a child she experienced seeing, hearing, and feeling the presence of people who had passed into the World of Spirit. She also experienced visions of things yet to happen and had prophetic dreams.

She began her training in 1996 with a tutor from England who taught at the Arthur Findlay College, she completed seven years of spiritual training to further develop her mediumship and psychic abilities. In search of a broader understanding of Spirit in 2004 Michelle Love attended an Esoteric Christian Seminary and was ordained as a Christian Minister. Many years later she returned to continue her education in Spiritualism at The Journey Within, in New Jersey with Rev. Janet Nohavec and was ordained in 2020 as a Spiritualist Minister.

Rev. Love provides services nationally, making personal visits to several locations each year, such as Virginia Beach, VA and Bar Harbor, ME.  She provides services and classes, in person, via telephone or secure video conferencing for: Medium and Psychic Readings, Spiritual Development, Meditation and Spiritual Healing.  

Her events and services can be seen on her website and by signing up for her newsletter at:

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