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Refund Policy:

In the first 5-10 minutes we will both know if a strong connection is being made, this means accurate information.  If this does not happen for any reason you will be given the opportunity to end the session and not be charged for it.  If a prepayment has been made a refund will be issued.

Cancel, Change or Reschedule Policy:  
You may cancel, change or reschedule your session up to 24 hours in advance, with the exception of Special Events.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can someone be with me for my session?
    Yes! As it can be comforting and helpful for many people, you may choose to have someone sit in with you for your session. It is best to invite someone who you are completely comfortable with, regarding your privacy and personal life. People will often choose to bring a family member or friend with them.
  • What is the benefit of an mediumship session vs. a psychic session?
    Evidential mediumship is for the purpose of allowing communication from those in Spirit to express that although the physical body dies, there is no death. A psychic session is for the purpose of insight and illumination about the potential future - addressing questions regarding all of life’s circumstances.
  • Is the quality of a session the same in person, on the phone or with Zoom?
    In-person, phone sessions and Zoom secure sessions are the same, as far as connecting and evidential communication. Whether you select an in-person session or a phone session or a Zoom secure video session is a matter of your personal comfort. Some people are more comfortable on the phone than in person or using Zoom. Your choice does not impact the session and is strictly a matter of personal preference.
  • Will my session be recorded?
    You may record your session by providing your own device and recording it yourself. Michelle only asks that you inform her of your intention to record and agree to turn the recording off, if requested to do so. This policy pertains to telephone and Zoom sessions, as well as in-person sessions. You may place the telephone on speaker, in order to record a telephone session or Zoom session.
  • How often can I have a session?
    For the purpose of ethics and integrity, evidential mediumship and psychic sessions are limited to two sessions per year. Rev. Love encourages people to put time in between sessions. There is no requirement to have additional sessions.
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